benefits-of-bed-on-time To sleep early not only the god of medicine for beauty but also has important implications for the health of everyone. The bodies in the body, especially the organ needed a deep sleep early and to recover from fatigue while working.

Here’s sleep schedule includes hours corresponding to the internal organs, helps you understand the effects of sleep on the recovery of the body organs:

21-23h: The immune system makes the task of removing toxins, need to remain quiet, relaxing
23-1h : Hepatic elimination of toxins
1-3h: Hepatic produces bile stored in the gallbladder, should need a good sleep.
0-4h: At this time, the synthesis of blood from the spinal cord is made, need a good sleep.
5-7h: At this time, the colon duty to remove toxins from the body.
7 -9h morning: The small intestine absorbs nutrients, to eat breakfast (Note: This is the most important meal of the day).

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Some notes to help you get to sleep early:

Environment: You should make a relaxing sleep environment possible, prior to bedtime. You should do anything possible to get a good night’s sleep.
Relax:  Hot bath, drink tea lotus or a cup of hot milk before sleep is a necessity and best.
Episode breathing: Breathe in through your nose for 5 seconds, hold the oxygen in the lungs 3 seconds, exhale through the mouth for 8 seconds. Doing so continuously for 20 times.
Keep your head comfortable: We should keep the mind comfortable, avoid thinking about work, family or other problems. You can do whatever something to feel more comfortable, such as writing a private diary.

Benefits of bed on time

Sleep early to have slender physique or weight loss:

If sleep soon, you will avoid feeling hungry and avoid nocturnal habits. This is very beneficial for your physique by eating late at night is the reason you gain weight.

Sleep late, wake up late can you skip breakfast because of the calories stored in your body still more. If the skip breakfast, your energy will drop and then you have to eat more. This is also causing you to gain weight.

Reduce the risk of the sick

According to experts at the clinic Misao, Japan, who went to bed after midnight had the risk of arteriosclerosis symptoms is higher than those who go to bed on time. Go to bed early will also help the body cut in half the risk of getting colds, flu.

Energetic in the morning

If the formula is too late whether up late the next morning you also still can not awake and energetic as when you sleep early and get up early. By the time night sleep is very important for the “renewable” and “fix” the body.

Moreover, work habits or night can lead to insomnia. And when it has been difficult to sleep, you will hardly be in a deep sleep.

Reduce depression, work more efficiently

Sleep right now and before midnight will help the body produce serotonin-quality control and substance is produced in the brain and has the ability to regulate one’s emotions.

Lack of sleep means serotonin decreases, i.e. the ability to regulate your feelings of being inferior. You will be vulnerable to depression, anxiety, frustrating …

Also, in contrast, get enough sleep, when serotonin is produced in full will help you master yourself and perform daily activities more effectively.

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